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Monday, November 23, 2009

not far enough.

i'm adjusting to having two new roommates who, upon moving in, came with over 500 channels of DirectTV: the invention of the devil.
i haven't gotten much work done, to say the least. ten minutes ago, one of their gigantic black labs took a small break from chewing on a bone (the size of a human femur) to vomit sporadically all over the living room and kitchen. 20 lbs of unchewed dog food and a half-masticated, uncooked bratwurst lay all over the floor amongst the splatters of blood-- because, as if this couldn't be topped, the same dog is in heat. it looked like a serial killer explosion. i could only laugh as Roommate One whimpered and faux-cried while Roommate Two forced her to scoop up the steaming mess.
yay me.
(now they're "playing" board games. i just heard One yell and knock Two's playing pieces all over the floor while screaming she's a cheater. Two insists she didn't remember where her playing pieces were.)
this is a test of my art-making diligence, right?
... there are so many enticing tv shows beckoning...
eff you, tv. eff you.

damn, working from home iz hard, yo.

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