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Thursday, June 26, 2008

argentinians and the ever-ticking clock.

my favorite Argentinian family has just updated their site with the family's photos for year 2008. i've been watching them age for three years now, and every june 17th, i anxiously await the new photos to see how they've changed. wrinkles discerning, glasses appearing, hair disheveled.. i've also developed a school-girl crush on nicolás. happily, this year he appears to have married and the beginnings of a spin-off annual photo series has begun.
the assignment is intriguing in a way that is very un-american. the regarding, and essentially a resignation, of the passing of time and what it does to not just a single human body, but one family as a unit. i imagine this ritual as a jovial grabbing-time-by-the-throat and saying: hey, we can make this fun.
in other news, art-related, local musician jeremiah james just released a new cd that i was fortunate enough to do the artwork for. there's also a poster i designed for his cd release party floating around somewhere.... ah! there it is. (i hear he's selling these as well, so if you like it, you should track him down and get one.)
i also designed a poster for the knitting factory's josh ritter and andrew bird show coming up in july (see above). the poster idea is a city mouse/country mouse theme. i should be doing another run of posters for this show in the coming weeks and will probably by selling them off the store website very soon.

Friday, June 6, 2008

work. and michael douglas.

http://view.break.com/513310 - Watch more free videos

ever have one of these days? here we see an example of work-related stress. watch it, mouth agape, realizing that perhaps you and that crazy, loose cannon might not be that different. who hasn't wanted to smack some dolt upside the head at some point? most of us, however, possess a certain social barrier that rarely gets crossed.
what is baffling to me about this situation, and really any sort of unusual "situation," is the phenomenon of the instinctual relay from reality to media. people pull out their camera phones to witness this horrific display of one man gone mad max on the office. instead of fleeing from flying computer monitors and a tornado of tossed papers, they choose to watch the event from a falsely-perceived forcefield of media. instead of helping stop the insanity, they watch in curiosity.
(and here! with sound! in color!)
does this remind anyone of michael douglas in that movie "falling down"?