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Monday, July 26, 2010

closer than anything..

admittedly, i've got this curious obsession with twins, conjoined or not. this Evelyn Evelyn project of jason webley and amanda palmer's intrigues me-- and yeah i know it's not real, but i'll play along. this tune off my summer playlist is haunting. probably more suited for fall or winter with its cinema-worthy string orchestra swells and eerie circus toy glockenspiel tune, but it's included nevertheless.

there's an "Illustration Showdown" group art show coming up for August's 1st thursday. an homage to schlock illustration like dogs playing poker, participants- 'sides myself- include: Bricolage, Erin Cunningham, Julia Green, Alexa Howell, Kelly Knopp, Ben Minter, John Padlo, Tony Rios, Jason Sievers, April VanDeGrift, Rick Walter. (gallery alexa rose, august 5, @5pm.)
last, some of my summer playlist:

suspicious for the winter - empty streets
cocorosie - lemonade
bloc party - kreuzberg
edward sharpe & the magnetic zeros - desert song
rogue wave - lake michigan
malajube - montréal -40°c
foals - spanish sahara
the virgins - rich girls
van she - changes
the lovely feathers - lowiza
evelyn evelyn - evelyn evelyn
beth orton - stolen car
nneka - heartbeat

and the malajube video for montréal is genius. i've no idea what they're singing about but the illustrations made this video:

Monday, July 5, 2010

food coma.

finish on the in-progress work:

i've had a ridiculously hard time coming up with ideas for this show theme "wild times." i cannot get past stupid things like spring break girls gone wild or boozy bashes, skinny dipping.
so instead, i'm starting to gather ideas for things that are quite the opposite. like, buying cat food on friday nights and like, computer games.. book clubs.. ha. i don't know.. what else is unarguably not wild?

Thursday, July 1, 2010


^a song from my summer playlist from Montreal band The Lovely Feathers. i really like how this video was executed and adoringly admired the band's acting chops. "lowiza" is also available for free download off their site. go here.
summer playlist to be posted soon.

working on art stuffs still... forever and ever, amen. here's some photos of my latest in-progress, shot for some technique tips: