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Monday, July 5, 2010

food coma.

finish on the in-progress work:

i've had a ridiculously hard time coming up with ideas for this show theme "wild times." i cannot get past stupid things like spring break girls gone wild or boozy bashes, skinny dipping.
so instead, i'm starting to gather ideas for things that are quite the opposite. like, buying cat food on friday nights and like, computer games.. book clubs.. ha. i don't know.. what else is unarguably not wild?


Kyle said...

Sitting in a car at a traffic light picking your nose - Not getting a pedicure, but providing a pedicure to someone - And trying to get a vending machine to accept a crumpled up dollar bill come to mind.

stereo said...

ooh. that's good. i should hire you to be my personal muse.