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Saturday, July 26, 2008

art from the toilet?

Local artist Paste Eater and myself have a show coming up next month at the Visual Arts Collective. that there is the double-sided postcard for it. (crossing fingers.. the show is sort of last minute, in that we have had about a month's notice to prepare beforehand.) do come and check it out! i'll have a bunch of new stuff, some small works too, and hopefully milquetoast t-shirts for sale too.
the flying m in downtown boise also has a dog-themed group show coming up from august 7-28 that i've got a piece in. it's a silent auction for all pieces with half the sales going to the humane society. i'm not sure who all is participating in it yet.
and! i've got thirteen posters left from the josh ritter/andrew bird concert last monday (see below). i will be putting them up for sale on the milquetoast website in the next week or so. after those thirteen are gone, i can't promise there will be more. we'll see.