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Tuesday, June 15, 2010


i'd heard some of england's current musical darling ellie goulding's music before- even had a few songs of hers on my itunes- but after seeing this vid of her performance at radio 1's big weekend, i was swayed into her favor like so many others. i appreciate any female who doesn't shy away from the drums.
her album Lights is out and if it sounds like your bag, check it out.

art-wise? i spent the last five days house and dog sitting. at some point yesterday, my sketchbook i've had since 2006 turns up missing. i retraced my steps, tore apart two houses, and drove to three different towns recovering my entire day of events in search of my pocket life. after a near breakdown and a text to my mom that "no i don't want to talk about it and no i don't want witnesses to my breakdown," i decided on a long shot and checked the garage of my host home. there, in the middle of the floor, gently chewed and cast aside, was my sketchbook.
i wanted to cut that dog.

but i didn't.

if i had lost my book, this would have been among the casualties:

and my twins cover comes out today on the boise weekly. check it!

Wednesday, June 9, 2010


my roomies moved out at the end of may.

it's only been a week or so, and i'm finding i miss those small things: trips to Wendy's for foodstuffs and inebriated Ramen-making, drinking large quantities of wine while playing Candyland, laughing about Hayley's leaked topless photo (i can't seem to wash my brain of this one, unfortunately, and how i've tried), starting fights in clubs with random backwards cap-wearing hoochies. and while i'm excited to visit them in their new place in a new time zone out east in the future, i will always miss this immediacy of friendship.

my mother sold our childhood home around the same time, so many of my weeks were spent packing and unpacking. always in this transient state and refusing to come to terms with the fact that the place i called Home was no longer going to be mine. my sister and i ate one last sad meal in our backyard garden while my mother steam cleaned carpets inside. void of furniture, the house hadn't been that vacant in 18 years, it brought back memories of moving into the place in my younger days. it was a big move for us. after my parents' divorce, we packed up and started fresh in a new town. it was the first time in my entire ten years of life that i got to see my mom happy.
she lived in a trailer in my driveway with her husband for a weekend while i helped my roommates pack up and leave. one evening, i watched "the time traveler's wife" with her on her laptop on the small trailer couch. i'm not ashamed to admit i nearly wept like a baby.
this life i know is changing, and i'm doing my best to roll with it.

-in art news, i'm busy working on a small show for up north.

-i've also got those Built to Spill and some old Josh Ritter/Andrew Bird posters i did available at the Basement Gallery and The Visual Arts Collective for purchase.

-my pal Rick Walter has a show that just opened up this last weekend at the Visual Arts Collective that is nothing short of awesome. it'll be up for two months, so go check it if you haven't seen it.

there's other stuff in the works, but to be honest, i'm wiped at the moment. somewhere there's a Red Bull singing my name in sweet, saccharin tones.