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Tuesday, June 15, 2010


i'd heard some of england's current musical darling ellie goulding's music before- even had a few songs of hers on my itunes- but after seeing this vid of her performance at radio 1's big weekend, i was swayed into her favor like so many others. i appreciate any female who doesn't shy away from the drums.
her album Lights is out and if it sounds like your bag, check it out.

art-wise? i spent the last five days house and dog sitting. at some point yesterday, my sketchbook i've had since 2006 turns up missing. i retraced my steps, tore apart two houses, and drove to three different towns recovering my entire day of events in search of my pocket life. after a near breakdown and a text to my mom that "no i don't want to talk about it and no i don't want witnesses to my breakdown," i decided on a long shot and checked the garage of my host home. there, in the middle of the floor, gently chewed and cast aside, was my sketchbook.
i wanted to cut that dog.

but i didn't.

if i had lost my book, this would have been among the casualties:

and my twins cover comes out today on the boise weekly. check it!


Rick Walter said...

I never keep an important sketchbook anymore. I've had too many confiscated by pigs as "evidence". I mostly use them for rough scribbling these days. Glad it turned up. all that hard work down the drain would be heartbreaking.

Anonymous said...


i would be so upset if i lost my moleskine.