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Monday, April 12, 2010


i emerged from easter weekend with a family feud and a near-black eye (unrelated to family feud). then i was mightily stricken down with a case of The Plague. i blame the biological warfare of cousins and nieces under the age of 8.
the bruise has since healed, while The Plague remains. I have infected all but one in the household. we mainly lay in bed all day and either moan or groan about it, shuffling in slippers to the kitchen in search of either various cold medications or orange juice. there was a minor scare when i hit an orange juice drought yesterday morning, but a call was made and foreign aid arrived in a grocery sack toted by my mother.
i've lost some good days of productive art-making, so i'm pulling a brave move and going off the meds. i should bypass the comas they seduce me into and actually get some work done with the rest of my day.

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