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Monday, January 25, 2010

free stuff!

okay kids! free art edition. i've got four of these little mexican wrestlers up for grabs. painted in acrylic, and ballpoint pen.(the penny is for size. like i said, they're small. and pocket-sized. and free.) first four comments or emails to erin@erinruiz.com to win one. (if you win, you can also specify which guys you'd like most in your comment or email and i'll try to fill your request.)
have fun, and good luck!

ETA: all wrestlers have been claimed! i'll contact you winners tomorrow. and thanks for playing.


draigstudio said...

I want them all. I love them all!! Please let me win!

earlybird illustration said...

i want any of these please!!!

小巨蛋 said...
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Julia said...

Oooh! May I have one, Miss Ruiz?

draigstudio said...

I love it! Thank you. I just got mine. It's awesome!