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Thursday, December 24, 2009

frozen stuffs.

i'm babysitting The Roomies two black beasts tonight. London, the older lab, is so fraught with anxiety at the disappearance of her beloved Roommate 2 that she keeps passing gas. i'm drowning the annoyance with beer and cookies.
i'm still working past the deadline for the next Basement Gallery show. i hope to get a lot more done with the next few days.
i'll leave you with a piece from the upcoming show along with some seasonal tunes. there are few christmas songs i can actually stomach after all these years, but these are two:
judy garland - have yourself a merry little christmas
is there anything more depressing than this song and this first version? it's off the movie "meet me in st. louis" which is a family fave. taken in context with the storyline, it's no wonder this song is laced with heartache.

sharon jones & the dap kings - ain't no chimneys
i probably shouldn't, but i giggle at this one. well-executed, sharon. top lyrics.

and merry christmas, new year, hannuwhatevers to all of you.

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