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Monday, December 1, 2008

basement gallery work.

i've scanned in some of my recent arts for the upcoming basement gallery group show in january. i've decided to do a collection of holy men, akin to my collection of nuns in that were in the august show this summer at the VaC. so far i've completed five, but they all differ from one another-- as opposed to the nuns which were all done similarly. i don't know if i should continue to change them all up as i've done so far, or to start making them all in the same manner. thoughts? any comments would be appreciated.


c.breshears said...

These are super-badass. I like that each has a different style.

shavizzle said...

I too advocate for switching things up. I like these five a lot. In other words keep doing what you're doing lady. p.s. I miss you.