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Saturday, May 17, 2008

built to spill.

this is the poster i designed for the built to spill show at the visual arts collective. it's going to be a 21 and over show, unfortunately, so if you're of age, come out and support a great local gallery/venue/space.
a lot of local businesses/galleries/venues are being forced to become 21 and over due to puritanical and ancient liquor laws that restrict youth from being in the presence of adults who are consuming alcohol in public settings, or some lame-ass crap worded similarily. politicians seem to think that a business like the visual arts collective, or the big easy/knitting factory shouldn't have to rely on alcohol sales to establish itself. true.. in an ideal world. but that just seems unrealistic to me. it's not the reality of the situation and to ignore the reality is plain illogical and retarded. (it's just like saying that we shouldn't teach the youth about sex because then they might go out and get it on like a bunch of rabbits. gasp! but... haven't youth been doing it since, i don't know, the beginning of time? regardless of whether they are taught the facts about sex or not? so. don't you think it would be better to be educated about it?)
anyway... go to the show. tickets are available online, just follow the link to the VaC's myspace.

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