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Thursday, January 1, 2009

until later.

i did complete some art this weekend, but i decided against rushing to get it into the basement gallery show for january. i'll have a handful of new art there for january, but i plan to stick the stuff i'm working on right now in the show in time for the february opening. i started working with colored pencils and it's progressing into... something. i want to follow it to see where it goes instead of selling the pieces right away. i need to just sit with them surrounding me, listening to them telling me where to take it..
i dread the return back to work in a day, but welcome the ritual. i only hope that i can shed this perpetual sleepiness and make some real painting progress on my last day off.
i spent a short new years eve with my family. i tried to rush home just after midnight to avoid the drunk driving masses and managed to make it home safely only to find i was locked out. once i finally got into the house, i was glad to spend it with my slumbering pups.
i thought about my grandmother today. another year past since her death. i was sitting in the hallway throwing my dog's frog toy to her, she's running back and forth with it and i just glanced in passing at the framed photo of gram's holding my mother as a baby hanging on the wall. we have the same hands, i thought, though my nails (chronic nailbiter) are shorter.
she died in '98. now over ten years ago. if i reach for it, i can vividly remember that winter she passed. i wonder what she would think of me now. i wonder how it is there was ever a time i knew her. it's been so long now that she seems like a made-up character in some epic tale. sometimes she feels close.. and sometimes her memory feels as far away as pluto.
when i watched distant fireworks over the city from my older sister's kitchen windows feeling stone-cold sober, i felt grateful to have seen another year. but it's painful to grow.
i hope for everyone that the new year brings some joy and love.
dan fogelberg - same old lang syne
the good life - album of the year or (acoustic demo)
david gray - this years love