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Thursday, September 13, 2007

Art Adventures: Sylvia Ji

i just watched this youtube video about silvia ji preparing for her show at the beginning of this summer. for anyone who has never spent months on end preparing for a gallery showing, it can be all-consuming and quite intense. her words at the end of it- paintings on wall, night of the opening- she remarks how glad she'll be to just go home and chill and not pick up a paint brush for a month.

silvia is one of my favorite artists. i've been watching her art improve over the last few years and it's inspiring to see. not only this, but discovering that intense work ethic that artists share makes you feel a little less crazy. luckily, i've only had to prep for group art shows and it does take some of the pressure off in knowing that i'm only responsible for a segment of the show or area of the gallery.

i just finished a bunch of work for the basement gallery and took off most of july from art-making. it was a relaxing few weeks, but soon i started to feel the itch to create again. now that i know i'm not alone, i feel like i've got a small army of like-minded people i've never actually met. or. at least an army of two.